SIC – Società Italiana Comunicazione

SIC is the first communications consortium, founded by Extra, Homina and Mediatyche, based in Rome, Bologna and Milan. SIC sports over 40 professionals and a 4-million-euro turnover.

The three founding agencies -which are still independent companies – decided to take on a new business challenge together: design a multidisciplinary work model that combines experience, integrated expertise and territorial coverage in order to offer a solid partner to companies and public administrations and help their development, especially in terms of sustainability, reporting to the stakeholders and reputation strengthening.

An exclusive synergy model both in the public relations and in the corporate communications industry based on the awareness that the critical mass is required for research and innovation, offering cutting-edge communication tools to the clients. Join forces to support investments: this is the reason why SIC was established.


The board of directors includes:

Omer Pignatti, President
Antonio Ferro, Vicar vice president
Massimo Tafi, Vice president responsible for administration
Simona Grandini, Advisor
Elena Rabaglio, Advisor
Marco Verdesi, Advisor

  • Omer Pignatti

  • Antonio Ferro

    Vicar vice president
  • Massimo Tafi

    Vice president responsible for administration
  • Simona Grandini

  • Elena Rabaglio

  • Marco Verdesi